Wednesday, January 20, 2016

New website in the works

Hi all,

Just a quick update. I'm learning HTML/CSS in order to make a proper website for the games and my own personal use. I may link this as just a regular blog from the site, but who knows.

Monday, November 23, 2015

Turtle: Invaders v1.5 released!

Hi all,

Not much I can say but sorry for the delay! There were some bugs that I could not wrap my head around over the past few months and I finally came back to it. They're all fixed and the glorious v1.5 update is live!

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Turtle: Invaders v1.5 Changelog

Hey everyone,

The release for the game is not ready, and I do not have a release date as of yet. I do have plans to release the game by very early September at the latest. So, to ease the wait here's a changelog for v1.4.2:

- Loading screen is beautiful
- Fanciness because why not
- Replaces the old intro
- Super fast loading, don't worry

- Better Settings menu
- Redesigned for lookin' amazing
- Categorized things better

- Party Mode
- Select from the list of default characters or load your own
- Friendlier way of setting up Multiplayer game

- Numerous bug fixes, I can't even list them all!

- Credits updated to the latest version
- Because credits are VITAL. If you don't credit people, there will be riots.

- Better controller support

- Online Co-Op
- Works for the most part, still needs testing done
- Ports must be forwarded, or use an alternative like EvolveHQ (my preference actually for Windows, use Hamachi for Mac)

- Bosses are actually harder with the difficulty being changed (more hitpoints, but it's still a challenge!)

- Characters now have abilities
- For the most part at least
- Some are passive, but active ones fill up a green bar below the powerup timer
- To activate, the default key is "left shift" for player 1 (see rebinding controls menu for others)

- Mobile ports!
- Standalone file works on Android for now, iOS is coming soon
- You need to install Love for iOS by building it with XCode, see the Love for iOS thread (I don't own a Mac, sorry)
- This also works 100% with any PC/Mac/Linux server that you set up with port forwarding
I'll make a video on YouTube about setting up your server with EvolveHQ. Until then, check out the beta